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A Rose Gardener Prepares (the House) for Winter

Those who live in very mild climates may enjoy their rose gardens all year round. But for those who have already put their roses to bed for the long, cold winter, now is a good time for making the indoors more beautiful.

Of course, you may want to grow some miniature roses indoors, if you have a place to keep them humid enough to stave off red spider infestations (always a problem with central heating). But many of us prefer to leave the roses outdoors in their beds and take care of matters indoors for awhile.

One area in the house that is often neglected during the busy outdoor seasons is the bathroom. And it often takes a beating as gardeners, children, guests, and grownups dash in and out, enjoying the warm weather and hardly paying attention to the wear and tear indoors.

Then along comes the cold weather, with more time spent at home, and more guests indoors. Family and friends may be visit and stay over for sports events and holidays. Suddenly the bathrooms need updating, or at least more storage. There’s never enough storage, especially in a shared bathroom with a houseful of guests.

It’s easy to add more bathroom storage with free-standing linen cabinets andĀ custom made vanities. Even tiny bathrooms at least have room for vanity sink cabinetsĀ that look great and provide extra storage space.

You can order these and other wonderful bathroom amenities on line from a company called Direct to You Furniture. They make indoor life more appealing year round, offering stylish mission-style vanities, safety tubs, beautiful bathroom accessories and custom bathroom furniture.

With that taken care of, there may just be time left to take a peek at the new rose catalogs before your winter guests start arriving.

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