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Comfort for Rose Gardeners and Others

As the weather is warming in the Northern Hemisphere, we may not be thinking as often of carpets and rugs. But waking up the day after a long day of gardening work, it is a great comfort to step out onto soft, furry, real sheepskin rugs.

Whether driving the old truck used to haul topsoil for rose beds or the “good” car used for special occasions, sheepskin seat covers¬†provide soft comfort. As the weather turns hotter for summer, those sheepskin-covered seats will be much cooler than vinyl seats, too—or even leather seats.

But if you want to, you can remove them, clean them, and store then to put back on when the weather turns cold again—when they are even more welcome. Nothing compares to the comfort of sheepskin seat covers in cold weather, and those in the Southern Hemisphere should be getting ready to install some now for winter.

Of course for that luxury car, if you have one, you may prefer the luxury car seat covers, also crafted of sheepskin. The only thing better than real sheepskin seat covers is luxury seat covers made of sheepskin.

Speaking of winter, warm sheepskin jackets, sheepskin slippers and boots and gloves not only make life better for gardeners in winter. They also make great gifts.

Last but not least, doesn’t the faithful pet who keeps you company while gardening deserve a soft, furry sheepskin bed? They will enjoy it as much as you enjoy your own favorite sheepskin products.

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