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White Eden Climbing Rose Bush Reblooming White Hardy Climber Plant Grown Organic 4″ Potted – Easy To Grow Own Root

White Eden ® Climbing rose features old-fashioned English style white flowers on a vigorous climber that blooms from spring to fall. The foliage is a deep dark green, disease resistant and contrasts perfectly with the white roses. During cooler weather the blooms may take on a light pink hue. The luscious creamy white blooms have [...]

Fired Up Rose Bush Reblooming Yellow Orange Striped Rose Grown Organic 4″ Potted – Own Root Easy To Grow

Fired UpTM rose will get the excitement going in your garden! This hardy own root floribunda has a very unique and striking color color combination. Blooms open up yellow and bright orange striped, then finish to a rich rosy blood orange. The color does not fade in the heat or when finishing and it re-blooms [...]

Raspberry Cream Twirl Rose Bush Reblooming Fragrant Climbing Rose Grown Organic 4″ Potted – 100+ Petals Striped Pink and White Flowers

Raspberry Cream TwirlTM rose bush is the first striped climber with a classic rose exhibition type flower. It is also one of the few striped climbers to have better than average disease resistance. The striping is very consistent and can be noticed even from a distance. The flowers have a slight green apple scent. A [...]

America Rose Fragrant Salmon Reblooming Climbing Rose 4″ Pot Organic

If you adore Fragrant Cloud rose, you will fall for America rose! A stunning climbing rose; America rose grows to robust height of 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The dark green, semi-glossy foliage acts as a canvas for the non-stop floral display that occurs during the growing season. The blooms of America rose [...]