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Loss Promotion! 500 Seeds Home Garden Mixed Mexican-rose Sun Plant Portulaca Moss Rose Portulaca Grandiflora Flower Seeds

Item specifics Product Type:BonsaiUse:Outdoor PlantsCultivating Difficulty Degree:Very EasyClassification:Mini GardenFull-bloom Period:SummerType:Blooming PlantsFlowerpot:ExcludedLocation:CourtyardFunction:BeautifyingSize:MediumApplicable Constellation:CapricornVariety:FlowerStyle:PerennialModel Number:LTis_customized:Yes

Product Features Mexican-rose Sun Plant Portulaca Moss Rose Portulaca Grandiflora Flower Seeds

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White Eden Climbing Rose Bush Reblooming White Hardy Climber Plant Grown Organic 4″ Potted – Easy To Grow Own Root

White Eden ® Climbing rose features old-fashioned English style white flowers on a vigorous climber that blooms from spring to fall. The foliage is a deep dark green, disease resistant and contrasts perfectly with the white roses. During cooler weather the blooms may take on a light pink hue. The luscious creamy white blooms have [...]

Miracle-Gro 3002310 Shake ‘N Feed Rose and Bloom Continuous Release Plant Food

Specially formulated to help your plants grow strong and vibrant, while promoting more blooms and spectacular colors versus unfed plants. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed Rose & Bloom Plant Food contains vital micronutrients, plus added natural ingredients, to nourish above and below the soil. Formulated with kelp, earthworm castings, feather meal and bone meal in an [...]

Indoor Garden Kit – LED Grow Light 12W with 4 Bands For Extra Boost Growing + Clamp Reflector + PH & Moisture Meter + Plant Label + Plant Clips


Can boost Plant and Vegetable Germinating Growing Flowing Seeding for Indoor Garden Hydroponic, soil breeding, potted or seeding need

Sun Spectrum Light – LED Grow lights either attempt to provide a light spectrum similar to that of the sun, or to provide a spectrum that is more tailored to [...]

Led Grow Light By Aokey Profession Plant Lamp for Indoor Plants | 10W Adjustable 6 Level Dimmable Clip Desk Lamp with 360°Flexible Gooseneck for Office,Home,Indoor Garden Greenhouse Organic Organizer

WHAT EXPERIENCE DOES Aokey Led Grow Lights CAN DO At Aokey, we set out to design and manufacture a Led Grow Light that combines the most durable of materials and advanced safety features. Say goodbye to cheap grow light and makeshift led bulb and say hello to your new best friend. So what makes our [...]

Miracle-Gro 3002210 Shake ‘N Feed Rose and Bloom Continuous Release Plant Food

Promote spectacular blooms and vibrant colors for flowering plants and roses with Miracle-Grow Shake ‘n Feed Rose and Bloom Continuous Release Plant Food. This formula is specially made for new and existing roses and flowering plants. It also prevents overfeeding or burning when used as directed, and feeds up to 3 months! Take the guesswork [...]

The Indoor Plant Spotter (Expert Series)

A companion volume to “The House Plant Expert”, this provides a step-by-step guide to the identification of indoor plants. All the plants are fully described and illustrated, and there are charts designed to help complete beginners.

Product Features Used Book in Good Condition

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Pink Lizard Resurrection Plants Hydrophile Jericho Rose Plant

Description: Type: Bonsai Name: Resurrection Plant Other common names: Spike Moss / Rose of Jericho / Dinosaur Plant Air Plant / Miracle Plant / Prehistoric Plant / Siempre Viva (Live Forever) Color: Brown in dormant state and becomes green when replenished with water Light requirements: Partial — Full Shade Plant size: randomly delivery Plant growth [...]

TeaDrops Organic Plant Food & Flower Fertilizer Biological Liquid Tea Packets (70+ Minerals & Nutrients, High % Humic Acids & Beneficial Natural Plant Growth Microbes) – Organic Gardening

DIRECTIONS:1. Fill watering receptacle (water can, bucket, recycled gallon milk, etc.) with gallon of lukewarm water2. If using city water, let water sit 12 hours in direct sun to lower chlorine which would otherwise kill all bacteria including the beneficial plant root microorganisms that we worked so hard to include in our TeaDrops® Natural Plant [...]

fertilome Rose And Flower Dry Plant Food

Ferti-lome Rose And Flower Dry Plant Food

Product Features WE DO NOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA due to Department of Ag restrictions on live plants

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