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TeaDrops Organic Plant Food & Flower Fertilizer Biological Liquid Tea Packets (70+ Minerals & Nutrients, High % Humic Acids & Beneficial Natural Plant Growth Microbes) – Organic Gardening

DIRECTIONS:1. Fill watering receptacle (water can, bucket, recycled gallon milk, etc.) with gallon of lukewarm water2. If using city water, let water sit 12 hours in direct sun to lower chlorine which would otherwise kill all bacteria including the beneficial plant root microorganisms that we worked so hard to include in our TeaDrops® Natural Plant [...]

Blue Gold Rose Organic Liquid Concentrate 200+ Mineral & Nutrient Fix Disease & Mildew Reduce Pest Use Less Fertilizer Increase Blooms Yellow White Pink Red More Root Growth Outdoor & Indoor Plants

Works extremely well with indoor and outdoor roses. Works well in your vase full of fresh cuts. Grow roses year around in southern climates. Blue Gold will provide your roses with frost and freeze protection. Blue Gold will quickly reduce diseases like: black spot fungus, powdery and downy mildew, cankers, wilts and even viruses such [...]

Accmor Led Grow Lights Bulb for Indoor, Hydroponic, and Greenhouse Plants -Effective E27 Growing Lamp for Gardening – Fast Growth – 12W, 12Leds (4 Blue & 8 Red) Garden Lighting

Accmor led grow light is perfect when your plant needs an extra boost of light. Whether it is raining, snowing or there is simply no sun- you can rely on the grow light to keep your plant lit up.


430, 460, 630 and 660 are 4 peaks wavelength of [...]

Top Shelf Grows Premium Grow Light – LED Growing Organic Indoor Herbs Garden Plants – Fast Growth – Seeds to Buds Fruit (12W) – Longer Lasting Grow Light

Provide for your plants the perfect amount of light it needs. The top shelf grows 12 watt Light is perfect indoor plants without having to worrying about damaging or burning the plants. Keeping the utilities low, without any noticeable heat coming from the light and providing the top shelf light spectrum to promote the growth [...]

★ #1 Best Plant Food For All Plants And Trees★ Humboldts Secret Golden Tree – Growth Accelerator – Yield Increaser – Sick Plant Rescuer – All-In-One Nutrient Additive – Super Concentrated – 100% Organic – Use on Trees, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit, Lawns, Roses, Tomatoes & Everything else! – 2 Ounce

Directions: Mix between 2ml and 5ml per every gallon of water. Feed twice per week.

Product Features Use on Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit, lawns, Roses, Tomatoes & Everything else! SUPER CONCENTRATED – 2 ounce size makes between 11 and 28 gallons of solution. USE GOLDEN TREE AS YOUR ONLY ADDITIVE. Also, Bring your [...]

Definity Digital VGRO 38P WFL 120 PAR38 Spectrum Lamp LED Flood Light Bulb for Improved Plant Growth, Red/Blue

The Grow Advantage PAR38 LED Grow lamp is energy efficient and spectrally optimized lighting solution for a variety of horticultural lighting applications including homeowner/hobbyist, greenhouse and growth chamber. The lamp optimizes delivered photo synthetically active radiation (PAR) to maximize plant growth and PAR efficacy while providing white light suitable for the human visual system and [...]

Blend of Brahmi Amla and Almond Herbal Oil Hair Treatment, Keeps the Hair Cool(helps Hair Growth), Relieves Headache, Reduces Body Ache – ALL Natural – Herbal Therapeutic Grade – 6.76 Ounces, Vaadi Herbals

ALL Naturals. NO SLES/SLS. NO Sulfates. NO Harsh Chemicals. NO Detergents. NO Synthetic Colors. NO Preservatives. NO Silicone. NO Paraben. No Mineral Oil. No Formaldehyde. NO Animal Testing. NO Gluten. NO Alcohol. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Product Features 1. Amla provides nourishment to hair and prevents premature hair fall 2. Makes hair lustrous and soft 3. [...]