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Accmor Led Grow Lights Bulb for Indoor, Hydroponic, and Greenhouse Plants -Effective E27 Growing Lamp for Gardening – Fast Growth – 12W, 12Leds (4 Blue & 8 Red) Garden Lighting

Accmor led grow light is perfect when your plant needs an extra boost of light. Whether it is raining, snowing or there is simply no sun- you can rely on the grow light to keep your plant lit up.


430, 460, 630 and 660 are 4 peaks wavelength of [...]

Lvjing® High Power 13w E27 Base Led Grow Light Bulb 360 Degree Lighting 35Red + 19Blue SMD Led Corn Light for Indoor Plants Garden Greenhouse Hydroponic System Kit


Item type: E27 led grow light

Size: 55x155mm

Product weight:170g

Wattage: 13W

Number of LED: 54 leds

Body material: Aluminum (heat dissipation)

Rated Hours: 20,000

Wavelength : Red 660nm;Blue 445nm

Illumination angle: 360 degrees

Body temperature: less than 60°C

LED working temperature: less [...]

BeeHome LED Plant Grow Light Bulb For Hydroponic Garden Greenhouse (9W, E27 socket)

BeeHome E27 9W Grow Light Red Blue LED Lights Bulb Lamp for Plants in Garden Greenhouse


Best Color Ratio: Red(620-630nm, 6pcs); Blue(460-470nm 3pcs), more suitable for the vegetative stage and blooming stage of any plant. Sources rich in red light are more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for blooming and fruit [...]

Lvjing® 2014 New Designed 15W 126 Red + Blue SMD LED Plant Grow Light Bulb E27 Base for Indoor Flowering Plants and Hydroponics System 110V


Item type: SMD grow lights

Size: 120mm(L)*110mm(W)

Product weight: 140g

Power: 15W

Number of LED:126 (90 red and 36 blue)

Body material: Aluminum (heat dissipation)

Rated Hours: 50,000

Wavelength : Red 660nm;Blue 445nm

Body temperature: less than 60°C

LED working temperature: less than <65°C

Worldwide Voltage: AC : 85~265V

Warranty: [...]

Lycheers E27 12W Grow Light Indoor Plant Lamp Red Blue LED Spotlight Bulb for Plants in Garden Greenhouse (12W)

Notes: 1. The plant growth light mainly uses LED bulbs to produce red and blue wavelengths to help the plant growing. 2. The Led grow light contains no harmful elements, environmental friendly. 3. It has a long lifespan, 30000 hours. 4. It is designed to fit standard E27 fittings and easy to install. 5. This [...]

Definity Digital VGRO 38P WFL 120 PAR38 Spectrum Lamp LED Flood Light Bulb for Improved Plant Growth, Red/Blue

The Grow Advantage PAR38 LED Grow lamp is energy efficient and spectrally optimized lighting solution for a variety of horticultural lighting applications including homeowner/hobbyist, greenhouse and growth chamber. The lamp optimizes delivered photo synthetically active radiation (PAR) to maximize plant growth and PAR efficacy while providing white light suitable for the human visual system and [...]