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Yellow, Red or Pink Rose Gardening?

Roses are truly beautiful flowers. They are so complicated and delicate and will definitely give notice to your rose garden. But which color theme do you go with this year? Red, yellow or pink? How about white? Hmmmm…Something to think about. You dont want to rush into things here. You want your garden to be something special and show everybody that you spent a lot of time and hard work on it.

First plan, plan, plan!

Then when you found your theme, as you are buying the roses for your garden, think about these tips…

First choose the right potting soil for your rose garden. Your rose garden should have at least 1.5 feet of fresh and fertile potting soil. Make sure your soil is very ventilated and drains easily. Where you put your flowerbed is also important. Your rose garden should get anywhere from 4 to 6 hours of sunlight every day.

Mulching is good for roses. It keeps the rain water from caking up the top soil and also controls a weed problem. Since roses need water once a week, the mulching will help with any rain that may come in between watering sessions. Roses will need one inch of water per week and you should water them once every week in one session, opposed to watering them throughout the week.

Different kinds of roses have different meanings to people. Here are a few for you to consider when building your rose garden

Two entertwines roses means that a wedding or an engagement is in the future of some lucky couple. A single red rose means I love you. Two dozen roses means congradulations. For dozen roses means unconditional love. A single rose, regardless of color, means thank you. One dozen roses is meant for graditude. Yellow and white roses means harmony. Red and white roses means bonding. Red and yellow roses means happy celebration. Yellow roses are for friendship. White roses means I miss you. Pink roses means thank you.

Roses require light pruning. To prune your roses, you will need to remove any old stems and leaves. This will enable the sap to reach any new stems and leaves that will need it.

When buying roses, they will come in to formats. Either packaged or plain rooted. You should buy the plain rooted ones right before you plan to plant them, because they cannot last long outside of soil. The best time to plant roses is after winter, after the ground is thawed-Right after winter for southern states or somewhere during spring in the northern states.

So when you are planning your rose garden, remember these simple tips and have fun building your garden!

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