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Worm Castings 20 Lbs Organic Fertilizer/plantfoodfrom Nature’s Big Bud for ALL Plants Indoor or Outdoor Hydroponic Growing 100% Safe

NATURE‘S BIG BUD WORM CASTINGS, Premium 100% Organic Plant Food” is locally produced in San Diego County, California for your convenience and is delivered fresh and ready to help you garden magnificently and achieve superior results.
Worm castings are an all purpose fertilizer and soil enhancer that come to you straight from nature with no alterations or chemical additives. Our castings contain more than 60 beneficial elements needed by all your plants, shrubs, trees, lawns and flowers. Regular use maximizes growth and promotes vigorous root development leading to sturdy plantstock, dense leaf formation and spectacularly colorful, eye-catching blossoms.

Regular use of worm castings will help repel juice-sucking insects such as spider mites, aphids, and white flies from all of your plants. Once the plant has absorbed the Castings into its system, insects simply find it not to their taste and will generally avoid treated plants. “Plants love it; Insects hate it!”

Worm castings provide an added benefit of possessing the ability to help fight common diseases and fungal infections such as powdery mildew, rust, black spot, and other common pathogens. Regular use inhibits infections.

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