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When It’s Too Hot (or Cold) to Tend Your Roses…Then What?

Some rose gardeners spend long, dark, cold winters making plans for next year‘s gardening. They peruse catalogs, draw up plans for new rose beds or drip irrigation, or read lovely books on rose varieties.

Where I live, it is the summer heat that keeps us inside and slows the growth of many plants, including roses, to almost nothing. So what do you do then? Of course you can make plans for future gardening, but that takes up only so much time.

Winter or summer, or whenever you are penned up indoors, can be a good time to take a long look at the inside of the house. You know, that place where you display your cut roses?  You may notice things are looking a little bit sad and could use some refurbishing, a new coat of paint, new slipcovers, or some new appliances.

While you’re away from the garden, it can be fun to bring some color indoors. If your decor is formal, or you really prefer pastels or neutral colors that do not detract from the view of the garden in blooming season, you can still have fun with color—in the laundry.

Personally I hate doing laundry almost as much as house-cleaning, so I like colorful appliances.¬†Recently I found a gorgeous rose-red clothes dryer that makes me feel more cheerful and energetic. Nothing makes laundry truly fun, but when it was time for a new clothes dryer, I thought, “Why not?” With some great new rose-garden-print wallpaper in the background, the dryer looks perfect.

And why not indeed? After all, there is no view of the rose garden from my laundry room. And almost no one will ever see that red dryer but me.

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