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Watching Horsepats Feed The Roses [ACHUKAbooks]

The first ACHUKAbooks title for adult readers is a collection of short fiction by a new author.

These cameos of quirks and cruelty will delight all those who find the short story form appealing.

For fiction so quintessentially English in atmosphere, the author’s name is decidedly apt.

ACHUKAbooks will be publishing a novel by Caroline England later in 2012.

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3 comments to Watching Horsepats Feed The Roses [ACHUKAbooks]

  • Anonymous

    i thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short cameos from caroline england. as a new author she writes in a way that makes you unable to stop reading until you read the last page. well done caroline. when will the next one be published?

  • Anonymous

    I have just finished reading this book and could not put it down. It’s well written, interesting and thought provoking- very dark!

  • Anonymous

    Watching Horsepats feed the roses is a collection of Short Stories, and is the first adult title published by AchukaBooks. I’ve got a number of books on my to read list, but I fancied something short and easy to read this afternoon, and therefore thought I’d try this collection of short stories.I’ve recently discovered the short stories genre, and I liked the description of `these cameos of quirks and cruelty will delight all those who find the short story form appealing.’ The stories are quirky and, I think, more likely to suit a British taste. The stories predominantly focus on death, in varying forms, and takes a dark and quirky look at the topic.I have to say that I didn’t `get’ some of the stories, they were just a little too abstract for me, but there are a couple of gems hidden away in this book, including The Bee’s Knees, which was my favourite.Some of the twists in the stories I had spotted, but that doesn’t take away from the story and some of the stories are much darker than the others, but are thought provoking and interesting.I think if you’re a fan of short stories with a hidden twist and quirky element, you’ll most likely enjoy this book. For me, personally, it’s not the greatest collection of short stories I’ve come across, but for the cheap download price, it’s well worth a look.

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