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Trini lights 18 watt Led Grow Light,HIGH Yield full Spectrum Hydroponics E27 Growing Bulb,Garden Greenhouse Plants,Weed Marijuana

* Maximize Growth, Minimize kWh. With This 18 Watt Led Grow Light

* Trini Light provide a targeted spectrum, give your plants only the light they can use!

* Save Up to 90% in energy costs compared High Pressure Sodium, Incandescent or Metal Hallide Lamps.

* Trini Light Grow Lights are cool to the touch, save on cooling costs, prevent plant damage

* Trini Light Spotlights into a normal E27 screw fixture allowing you to build an Grow setup for minimal cost

* No need for reflectors, Trini Light Led are already directional and provide no areas of wasted light

* The least expensive LED grow light solution in the world

* Introducing Trini Light LED Grow Lights

* Do you have an indoor garden and are tired of expensive electricity bills due to inefficient lighting? Have you been looking for an inexpensive LED Grow Light solution but have been unable to find one? Trini Lights LED’s new Trini Light Series LED Grow Lights are the answer. You can now replace your old, inefficient grow lights with cool running Trini Led Grow Lights and experience amazing plant growth results without the expense of running traditional grow lights. GrowLED is also the lowest cost LED grow light solution on the market allowing you to construct an effective indoor growing setup with minimal cost

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