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The Ultimate Rose Book

The spectacularly successful Ultimate Rose Book is back in a thoroughly updated and revised edition. Rosarian Stirling Macoboy’s book is a classic, not just for its beautiful pictures and comprehensive coverage, but also for its author’s good-humored, opinionated observations and his selection of 1,500 rose varieties to feature out of tens of thousands.

The expanded edition features 300 new varieties, selected for their beauty, fragrance, hardiness, and popularity, as well as new features on the history of the rose, the renaissance of garden roses, climbers, and ramblers, and great rose gardens of the world. There are also updated chapters on the classification of roses, as well as a glossary and bibliography. The 2,000 color photographs include the varieties named in the book.

An indispensable reference that possesses visual beauty and literary wit and soul, The Ultimate Rose Book is for gardeners and rose lovers everywhere.

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3 comments to The Ultimate Rose Book

  • Dianne Foster "Di"

    Big type, easy to read…. Lately, I’ve been on a rose book collection spree, and a gift certificate for Valentine’s Day allowed me to purchase two new and relatively expensive rose books, THE ULTIMATE ROSE BOOK and BOTANICA’S ROSES. Reading the reviews, I wondered which one would turn out to be “the best” however, both are excellent, and both have qualities that will make them more or less appealing to a reader and/or gardener.

  • Anonymous

    This is an exhaustive treatment of roses for any plant lover I purchased this book in 1994 for $50 I didn’t really have and never regretted doing so. If you adore roses of any sort, want to know floribunda from grandiflora, or just want your two bushes to survive; you must have it. I am cheap and passionate about horticulture. If you need to know about roses, buy only this book! Anything else is about as useful as a government pamphlet.

  • Anonymous

    Not the best book available! I’m sorry but this book just didn’t do it for me! It is too large and heavy, not to mention expensive. The photgraphs aren’t as clear as other books (namely Botanica’s Roses)and it doesn’t included many of the most popular roses.

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