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The Son Also Roses

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2 comments to The Son Also Roses

  • Keven McQueen

    Come on, Fox! Fox has always treated “King of the Hill” with contempt even though it was one of its outstanding shows. From arbitrary time slot rearrangements to pre-emptions due to football games, from DVD sets with paltry extras to an outright series cancellation followed by a grudging resurrection after more than a year, the network never seemed to fully appreciate a show that was witty and character-driven as opposed to its other prime-time animated series that were fueled by constant blasphemy and mindless vulgarity. Fox has not treated KOTH’s large fan base with much respect either, as evidenced by the interminable delays between DVD releases. Come on, Fox! Now that the show is officially canceled, will you please put the rest of the series on DVD already?

  • Darcy Shepard "Darling Darcy"

    The Much-Anticipated Spectacular Seventh Season Season 7 has some of the classic episodes – “Mega-Lo Dale”, “The Miseducation of Bobby Hill”, and “Night and Deity”, to name a few – fans have been waiting for on DVD for 2 years. The episodes are witty and focus on a variety of Arlen characters. With 22 solid episodes, this season is a must have for all King of the Hill fans.Some of the highlights include Bobby’s foray into tarot card reading and spell casting in “Witches of East Arlen.” One of my favorites from the entire seasons, the best part is Bobby’s 30-ish friend Warren – he lives in his mom’s basement, which he will continue doing for a few weeks after his mom’s death, according to Hank.Another spectacular episode is “Night and Deity”, which many remember as the one Nancy got her comeuppance in for cheating on Dale. When a new, very attractive exterminator comes in to help with the neighborhood’s pigeon problem, she and Dale begin to work very closely together, much to Nancy’s horror. One of the awesome things about this episode is you never know what will happen – will he cheat on Nancy?The most popular episode of the season is probably “Mega-Lo Dale” – Dale gets hired to get rid of Mega-Lo Mart’s rat problem, but Hank has to step in when Dale becomes convinced the store has a baboon problem.One thing Fox may want to think about before it delays another season or another show – these episodes are readily available on the internet, and while many super-fans such as myself want the collection on DVD, many others are just as satisfied with the downloads as with the DVD, particularly when forced to wait 2 years later than its scheduled release.

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