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The Secrets of the Miniature Rose

The Secrets of the Miniature Rose is one of the first books devoted exclusively to miniature roses. This reprinted and updated edition, which includes more than 75 color photographs of all colors and varieties, is a complete planting guide for these lovely and popular household and garden adornments. Written with the authority of the author’s renowned expertise and spiced with her light humor, this book provides a comprehensive plan for planting, arranging, and caring for these increasingly popular roses-from scarlet gems to pink petticoats.
Whether you plant in containers or in the ground, this book will prove an invaluable resource for handling roses before final planting, preparing the soil, controlling insects and diseases, trimming and pruning, and watering.
Informative, enlightening, and entertaining, The Secrets of the Miniature Rose is the only book miniature rose enthusiasts will need to successfully grow these delightful plants.

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