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The Rose Legacy (Diamond of the Rockies)

Driven by hope and vengeance, Carina Maria DiGratia leaves her idyllic home in Sonoma, California, for a new life in the mining town of Crystal, Colorado. Though the town has a rough element, Carina is determined that it is the place her dreams will come true. Early on, two men vie for her trust, but neither is what he seems. Will Carina discern the truth in time to prevent tragedy?

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2 comments to The Rose Legacy (Diamond of the Rockies)

  • Rebecca Smith

    A Real Page Turner, Leaving You Begging For More This book has it all. It seems that Kristen Heitzmann’s writing becomes more intriguing with each new book. The book has the perfect blend of faith, romance, action, and conflict. I can not wait for her next one. This is the kind of book you want to read in one night but also want to relish every word over again. I strongly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys historical fiction with a touch of mystery, action, and romance.

  • "heather34"

    I Loved It! I absolutely loved this book! Like some other readers said, it started out kind of slow, but by the 10th chapter things started to get exciting. Thats when all of the romance and suspense began. So I definitely reccommend this book to any woman out there who enjoys a good romance novel and even a little bit of mystery and suspense. And I also want to let those out there who have read this book, know that the sequel has finally come out. Its called, Sweet Boundless, and its the second book in this series. In fact I’m about to purchase it. I’ll let all of you know how I liked it. But for those of you who are just picking up this book you must get Sweet Boundless as well. Because this one leaves you hanging and you’ll just have to find out what happens. So be sure and order the second book along with this one. Anyway I just really enjoyed this book and if you enjoy heart-thrilling romances I know you will too!

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