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The Protector Rose Gauntlet Gloves, Size 9

You’ll never have to worry again about your hands and arms when pruning your Rose Bushes or Berry Vines – not as long as you’re wearing your “ProtectorRose Pruning Gauntlet Gloves from American Heritage. Yes, they’re made right here in the USA-something very few companies can say. These beautiful gloves are made from soft, yet durable goatskin long considered by the experts to be the longest wearing and have the best puncture resistance of any natural material. You get real protection – The 12″ gauntlets protect your whole forearm, not just part of it and are made from split cowhide that’s just stiff enough to stay in place but soft enough to flex with your arm to make working with these gloves a real pleasure. The red velcro strap snaps onto the cuff and closes it to keep out any debris. Here’s a growing list of what our customers are using them for – Pruning Roses – Attacking Berry Vines – Trimming Brush – Working with Barbed Wire – Bee Keeping – Citrus Pruning and Picking – Working with Cactus – Carrying in Fire Wood – MIG/TIG Welding – Operating Gas Driven Weedeaters – Logging – Repairing Fences – Falconry. If you’re tired of having your arms scratched and scarred, you need the Protector gauntlet gloves!

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2 comments to The Protector Rose Gauntlet Gloves, Size 9

  • L. Kielland

    Protector gloves are the real deal. Wow! recieved the gloves today and tried them on right away before I got home. Very soft, buttery soft, I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t be tough enough for clearing blackberies. Once I got home I had to try them out. They’re true to their word. The thorns do not get through at all. Yet the gloves are so soft and comfortable I didn’t find myself taking them off every time I picked up small items. In fact I left them on for a couple of hours out there clearing and working with fencing.So I have to say I’m very pleased and highly recommend them. They are well worth the price too.

  • N. Kuratsu "Garden divalani"

    Fabulous! Excellent fit and feel. Best gloves I’ve used yet! So far I’ve transplanted bromeliads, pruned two very thorny citrus trees and dug out razor sharp fountain grass with no injury to myself! Love these gloves!!! Best protection I’ve used thus far. I even got them wet and they did not dry out stiff like the others I’ve used.

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