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The Most Beautiful of All Flowers: Roses and Rose Gardens

Perhaps no other flower has been so highly documented and recommended from times immemorial than the rose. From the first day of documented history or perhaps from even before, roses have stood for the ultimate symbol of passion and love. Roses have been even worshipped in some cultures and in some cultures; roses have been used to worship their gods. Rose apart from all its beauty and unmatched fragrance is also one very useful flower. It is used in premium skin care products and even finds some use in healthcare products! Acres of land have been turned into rose farming land that is a pride of any farmer. Apart from the huge business that they manage to do, people in the neighborhood are proud and fiercely protective of the fragrance that emanates from the rose farms, day and night!

The Beauty of Roses

Rose as a flower has been well-documented in the history of almost every culture. Nowhere does it find so much of importance than the history of the Indian subcontinent and the Persian empires. Their history has tones of information on the breed and the variety of the flower and how it served as an inspiration to lovers and artists alike! Some medieval era rose gardens still exist in India and well as the Middle East. Though the Middle East has largely restricted the rose gardens to palaces, elsewhere, such gardens are used for educational tours, research as well as tourist spots!

No other flower but the rose has managed to draw the attention of females like bees get attracted to pollen! Females have always been compared to the gentle petals of the flower; rose has a parallel in the evergreen beauty of the fairer sex. Romance and love has always flourished with the support of roses. Men always gift their close girls pals rose bouquets – it is seen as the ultimate token of love.

Rose as a Medicine

Did you know that the beauty industry thrives on roses? It is supposed to have natural skin smoothening and cooling properties and that is the reason why it is so frequently used in beauty products. Cheaper products use the synthetic smell of rose but rarely are beauty products manufactured without the ‘rose‘ factor! In the era of kings, queens and larger than imagination palaces – queens used to enjoy rose baths and showers! You can also assume that they literally used to bathe in rose water and sleep on beds made with rose petals! Such luxury cannot be imagined today (on a daily basis)!

Dried rose petals are also used in many digestive supplements and foods. These recipes seem to have originated from the Indian subcontinent where surprisingly, it was discovered that consumption of rose petals caused constipation! When used sparingly and only dried petals in a concoction with some other herbs, it acts a natural coolant! Only if all flowers ha such multi-dimensional uses, perhaps the rose would still hold the coveted position then!

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