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The Legacy of the Rose (A Dark Gothic Romance)

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From New York Times bestselling author Kasey Michaels comes an engaging dark gothic romance set in the Regency era.

When Lucien Tremaine rides off to war, it’s with the promise he’ll return to the life he leaves behind … to his loving parents, to his beloved fiancée. It is that promise, that dream of reunion, which brings him back to Tremaine Court, only to be plunged into a living nightmare. Wounded, sick and disillusioned, he flees his family home with only one thought clear in his mind. Revenge. That single thought — and one image, that of the infuriating grey-eyed woman who has witnessed his disgrace, seen him vulnerable, at the very nadir of his existence.

Kate Harvey has lived her own nightmare, and can see her own heartbreak and shame reflected in the eyes of Lucien Tremaine. But that doesn’t mean she’ll grant his demand to leave him alone, not when danger threatens at Tremaine Court. Can she goad him into returning, and are her motives purely concern for those who live there … or is her heart telling her something her mind refuses to accept?

With The Legacy of the Rose, Kasey Michaels has crafted a dark and dangerous world within the Regency, fraught with insanity and perverse desires.

“You must read this novel. It’s heady and gutsy and altogether wonderful.”
–Catherine Coulter

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Book Categories:
Gothic Historical Romance
Gothic Romance Mystery
Gothic Romance Suspense
Dark Historical Romance
Dark Gothic Romance
Victorian Gothic Romance
Victorian Gothic Suspense

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