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The Infinite Rose

A gorgeous gift format collection of Harold Feinstein’s popular rose photographs.

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    COMPANION TO “The Infinite Tulip” Feinstein begins his book with a simple stated, beautiful written poem, The Infinite Rose. The poem invites you to “enter into the heart of hearts” to gaze at colorful blooms and buds, to stay awhile and enjoy their beauty. Expect to wander through the photographs of various roses time and time again. The beauty and color of Feinstein’s choices look magnificent on the black backdrop. There is the gracefulness of a John F. Kennedy bud, the lusciousness of a Broadway bloom, the fabulous folds of a Masquerade. The Ice Berg bloom is one of my favorites.

  • Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"

    lovely *gift-sized* book My mom adores roses so every year I try and find her a book about them. This was a great addition to her collection- the photos are beautiful, and it’s a *lovely* book from start to finish. The only issue that i would note is that it is a “gift size” book (smaller than your average photo book, which tends to be oversized). But the amount of pages and gorgeous photos make it a wonderful purchase.

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