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The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2

Searching for crafty inspiration?

Eager to try some new techniques?

Need some more junk for your trunk?

Well, look no further!


In this cheeky sequel, Mark Montano picks up where his wildly popular The Big-Ass Book of Crafts left off, with even more spectacular—and easy-to-make—projects sure to satisfy crafters of all skill levels. Turn colorful ribbons into a show-stopping scarf . . . transform old cargo pants into a kick-ass carryall . . . a high-drama neckpiece made out of zippers? Absolutely. Along with a host of other wearable wonders, this exciting all-new volume includes sections such as Pillow Talk (fun, comfy, and made from the most surprising materials), Letter Perfect (cool designs to pop into the mailbox nearest you), Hey, I Could Use That (make a big statement with little things from magnets to nail polish), Just Kid-ding (cheery dÉcor made from kid-centric stuff, guaranteed to make you smile!), That’s Shoe Biz (fun fixes that give sidelined footwear and handbags a whole new life), and dozens of other ideas that are inventive, imaginative, and just plain fun.


With his trademark humor and no-holds-barred approach to crafting, Mark will have you tapping into your creative soul and taking simple techniques to a whole new level in no time. We’re not talking plant-hangers and potholders here—the more than 150 handmade projects in this truly unique compendium are artistic, eye-catching, and cutting-edge, from cool brooches and earrings to ingenious belts and bags, from Bauhaus-style furniture to fishbowl lanterns, and so much more!


Sample Project from The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2: Recycled Plastic Bottle Roses

Like a lot of people, I started recycling plastic bottles ages ago. I just hate imagining one going into a landfill. But only a few actually make it into my recycle bin; the rest are used for craft projects as much as possible. This rose is one of my favorite ways to recycle, and I think the results are just beautiful.

You’ll Need

  • 2-liter plastic water, juice, or soda bottle
  • 1-inch (2.5cm) circular craft punch
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Krylon Fusion spray paint (for a plain finish) or Krylon Glitter Blast (for a sparkly finish)
  • Headband, ponytail holder, or plain metal cuff/li>

Here’s How

1. Carefully cut your bottle into teardrop-shaped petals that are each 2″ to 3″ long. You’ll need about 20.

2. Head outside with your craft materials and light your tea light. Then, using your needle-nose pliers, hold each petal over your tea light until it’s warped into a curved rose petal shape.

HINT: You don’t need to melt the petals or light them on fire. Just holding the plastic near the flame will cause the shapes to transform.

3. Once you have 20 rose petals, hot glue them together by dotting a tiny bit of hot glue at the narrow end of each petal and layering them one on top of the next, forming a flower shape. Let the glue dry.

4. If you feel you need more petals in the center for a fuller look, create and add petals as you see fit, then let dry.

OPTIONAL: If you’re making a headband, set aside a couple of petals to use as leaves to cover up more of the band.

5. Put a huge glob of hot glue on the base of your flower for good measure, and let dry.

6. Spray paint the flower with Krylon Fusion spray paint for a plain rose, or with Krylon Glitter Blast if you want a sparkly blossom. Let the paint dry.

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3 comments to The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2

  • L. A. Smith "jetcitycoyote"

    It’s Big-Ass-Tastic! I was already a fan of Mark Montano’s when I ordered this book, so I was expecting a well-written, beautifully photographed collection of clever projects with clear instructions (like you’ll get in his earlier books, , , and ).Wow, talk about having low expectations!This book is cover-to-cover clever with frequent flashes of genius thrown in to surprise and amaze even the most hardcore crafter.Well organized into 21 categories, this book features a mind-boggling collection of attractive, inventive, and exciting projects that will keep you busy creating for ages. Whether you want to make yourself a sassy new scarf, spice up your decor and lighting, embellish a pair of dancing shoes, or create a gift that sure to please, you will find inspiration and more in this book.The best part about many of these projects is that you can make them with materials you probably already have on hand, so dive right in and start a project, any project. You’ll be treated to an array of clear, colorful photographs, a comprehensive materials list, step-by-step instructions, and Mark’s advice and insight on how to get more fun and fabulousness (is that a word?) out of the time you spend crafting.

  • Pamela Brackett "Do what you love. Love what ...

    The Sassiest and Most Ginormous Book of Crafts Ever! I almost couldn’t pull myself away from The BIG-ASS Book of Crafts 2 long enough to write this review. You want to have some sassy fun and dig on some crafty ideas PLUS witty dialogue? (Yes, I can almost hear Mark talking as I read the descriptions of each item.) Well, Mark Montano has wrapped up all that crafty fun into a startlingly HUGE sequel to his best selling BIG-ASS Book of Crafts.From beer can party lights and sparkling necklaces to a Virgin Mary Suit Case and thread sketching on cloth for some pretty amazing Pillow People, this book will keep you up to your elbows in creative fun. The instructions are easy to follow and most of the projects use items you can find around the house. Looking for templates? They’re all in there! And are you craving a book with variety? This book has that, too! There are so many craft projects to choose from – more than 150! Seriously!Sorry I couldn’t write more – I’m in the middle of making my own WISHING SHRINE and my first wish will be that Mark Montano is working on his next Big-Ass book. Oh, and excuse the glitter… I just finished some pretty awesome clothespin ornaments – all decked out in retro colors. My daughter’s going to love these…

  • Alicia D. Sigala "spooky Mama"

    Amazing! First off let me say, I do not personally have this book, but my friends do and it is amazing! I do own Mark’s first Big Ass Book of Crafts and I love it! I have gained so much inspiration from it and this Big Ass Book Crafts 2 is no exception! You can flip through the book and you will find a new project that sparks your imagination. I highly recommend it!

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