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Tea House, Glencar, Co. Leitrim, circa 1890

This photo was taken probably by Robert French, chief photographer of William Lawrence Photographic Studios of Dublin.

You can compare this view of the The Tea House at Glencar with its companion photo taken approximately 100 years later as part of the Lawrence Photographic Project 1990/1991, where one thousand photographs from the Lawrence Collection in the National Library of Ireland were replicated a hundred years later by a team of volunteer photographers, thereby creating a record of the changing face of the selected locations all over Ireland.

For further information on the Lawrence Photographic Project, read all about it on our NLI Blog.

Date: Circa 1890?

NLI Ref.: L_ROY_10398

8 comments to Tea House, Glencar, Co. Leitrim, circa 1890

  • John Spooner

    [] Another picture with hats on the ground!

  • beachcomberaustralia

    I think this may be it from the mountain shapes behind. Look at the great view to the left – a great place for a cuppa! GoogleMapsStreetView

  • John Spooner

    [] And the lady about to serve the scones can be seen in the other Glencar Teahouse photo pouring tea (or pretending to – nothing is coming out of the spout)

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