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SuperDesign Three Columns Style Melamine Non-skid Slow Feed Bowl, For Dog and Cat, Small, Elvis Rose

Round Dog Bowl with a Raised Three Columns in the Bottom, Made from Strong Melamine with a Rubberized Wide Base.

Product Features

  • Slows Down Eating Speed – Reduces risk of gastric dilataion volvulus or “Bloat” and indigestion
  • Raised Three Columns in Bowl Has No Sharp Edges – Safer for your dog and also suitable for brachycephalic breed
  • Designed For Smart Dogs – Wider base makes it harder to flip over, rubberized bottom reduces skid, Heavy-Duty Non-Toxic Melamine Material – Dishwasher safe
  • Fit For All Types of Food – Kibble or canned food
  • SMALL SIZE – Suitable for dog and cat less than 4.4lbs, about 1 Cup volume, Base Diameter: 5.5 inches, Bowl Diameter: 4 inches, Height: 2 inches, Capacity: 6.5 fl.oz.

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