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Succulent Aloe Peglerae, Xanthorrhoeaceae 10 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds

Aloe peglerae is a small, stemless South African aloe 300-400 mm in diameter, and 300-400 mm in height. The glaucous leaves are strongly incurved to form a compact, spherical rosette. Inflorescence can be observed in July and August, and usually consists of a single cylindrical spike 300-400 mm tall, occasionally forked. The visible portions of filaments are deep purple in colour. In cultivation Aloe peglerae makes a stunning show especially in winter when there is little else in flower. This aloe can be propagated from seed. Depending on the viability of seed the germination rate is often up to 60-70%. Seeds must be sown in the well-drained growth media and covered lightly with the fine silica sand. Like most other aloes, this species is also susceptible to white scale, aloe cancer (also known as aloe gall) and aloe rust. It is not that easy to control the aloe gall, the best way is to cut off the infected leaf and treat the whole plant with insecticides and fungicides afterward. The same treatment applies for controlling rust. This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds. Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping. Aloes are a genus of small to large, rosetted, evergreen perennials, with fleshy, sword to lance-shaped leaves, bearing racemes or panicles of tubular or cylindrical flowers. Sap of crushed leaves is used to treat mild burns and sunburns. Aloe peglerae is stemless and clump-forming with rosettes of spreading, blue-green leaves, with tiny white marginal teeth. Produces cylindrical, terminal racemes, to 12 inches tall, of tubular, rose-scarlet flowers, 1 inch long, in summer. Water moderately during the growing season, sparingly while dormant. Sow seed at 70 degrees or separate offsets in late spring and plant in cactus potting mix. David’s Garden Seeds is a Veteran owned business that has been providing quality products since 2009.

Product Features

  • Days to Maturity: 365
  • Non-GMO, easy to grow and hand packed here in the United States by David’s Garden Seeds.
  • Sap is used to treat mild burns and sunburns
  • Produces cylindrical, terminal racemes, to 12 inches tall, of tubular, rose-scarlet flowers, 1 inch long, in summer
  • Germination rate: 60% These seeds will be hard to get to grow–but even if you get only one plant it will be well worth the effort–there is always a chance none will come up–it is a very picky seed–that is why this is a protected plant in Africa where it comes from

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