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Starwest Botanicals Organic Rosehip Powder 1 Lbs

Organic Rosehip Powder by Starwest Botanicals 1 lbs Powder

Product Features

  • Particularly beneficial for the digestive apparatus and produces a diuretic effect without irritating the kidneys
  • Starwest Botanicals

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2 comments to Starwest Botanicals Organic Rosehip Powder 1 Lbs

  • Sharon Butcher

    Good product! I make Liposomal Vitamin C and use this product. Very satisfied and happy with it. Will be purchasing moreof this.

  • pinkpout

    Great product This is my first time ordering rosehip powder so I don’t have much to compare to, but so far I’ve been really loving this. I add a tbsp to smoothies and chia puddings for extra Vit C and it has a really lovely flavor– sweet, fruity and slightly tart (the vit C). Tastes like ground up berries.I’ve also found this to work really well for Vit C face masks– just a scoop of this with some honey and water and it helps brighten up my complexion nicely without any staining (the powder is bright yellow).I store it in the fridge to keep the vitamin content stable.Definitely a big fan and will be re-ordering when I run out!

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