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St. Gabriel Laboratories All Natural Indoor/Outdoor Insect Dust Repellent – 4.4 lb Bag 50020-7

Made of diatomaceous earth. Ant, flea, silverfish, cockroaches, bed bugs, carpet beetles, slugs, tomato hornworm, earwig and tick control. All natural product that is so safe it may be rubbed right into your dog or cat’s fur. Intended for application with a hand duster. Insects that come in contact with this powder die of dehydration with 48 hours. 4.4 lb bag treats 2,500 sq. ft.

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2 comments to St. Gabriel Laboratories All Natural Indoor/Outdoor Insect Dust Repellent – 4.4 lb Bag 50020-7

  • A. Davis "An Honest Opinion"

    Amazing This is wonderful to prevent fleas. We have been using it around our dogs pen, in the pen and in our home. We didn’t have a flea problem inside to begin with but we are using it to prevent that. Our dog was bringing in at least 6 fleas every day. We started putting it on the dog and it almost totally keeps the fleas from getting on her which is no small feat. Our house is surrounded by woods and she stays outside most of the day. It is also OK if she ends up eating some of it because it’s safe. They actually use it to deworm animals anyway. One of the drawbacks is that diatomaceous earth dries out skin. We haven’t had any issues with it yet but we’re always watching.We have also used it on our rose buds and blooms. We dust it right onto the roses. Japanese beetles and June bugs were eating them up but sense we started using the diatomaceous earth, I haven’t found but one or two. The roses are much healthier now.The only drawback is that after a rain or heavy dew, you have to reapply the dust. Also, if you plan to use it on or around your animals, it needs to be food grade.

  • Savvy Scott

    Food-grade diatomaceous earth – as safe long-term insecticide The bag will last for over a year and the earth is the consistency of fine flour or caster sugar. Works after about a week but need “puffer” dispenser to access into walls.

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