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SHZONS 100pcs Heirloom Climbing Rose Seeds Climber Flower Red Perennials Perfect for Home Garden

Quantity:?approx. 100 Seeds
Height:?7-12 feet
Germination time:?around 40 Days
Blooming Season:?Early, mid & late summer
Sun Requirements:?Partial shade, partial and full sun
Climbing roses are a popular plant for vertical gardens. Interestingly, botanists do not consider them true climbing plants like vines because they don¡¯t grow their own support structures to hold onto a surface. Therefore, they need a helping hand and a vertical space to attach to and grow on.
If you¡¯re interested in growing climbing roses, you can choose to purchase a trellis or an arbor so that they have a suitable place to grow. You can also be creative and train your roses over a fence, a pillar, a garden shed, or other structures in your yard.

How to Germinate/Grow:
How Do I Germinate Rose Seeds?
Growing roses from seed is not the quickest or easiest way to propagate them. However, this method can provide more satisfaction than others when efforts pay off. There are many idiosyncrasies when it comes to different types of roses and what their needs are for growing. But there is a basic method to cultivate rose seeds and plant them successfully for future growth.

Package Included:
100 x Heirloom Climbing Rose Seeds
Note: *All products by SHZONS(TM) are exclusively sold and distributed by SHZONS**

Product Features

  • Quantity: 100 Bulk Seeds;
  • The height is 7-12 feet;
  • They need a helping hand and a vertical space to attach to and grow on;
  • Germination time: around 40 Days;
  • Sun Requirements: Partial shade, partial and full sun;

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