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Secrets to a Garden of Rose Trees

It isn’t unusual to spot a magnificent rose tree at a wedding or in some superb sculptured garden and wonder what secrets are hidden in its creation. Rarely does a floral landscape capture the majestic vision of a garden of rose trees. Referred to as rose standards by some, these elegant hybrids are created by grafting parts of three independent rose plants to create a miniature tree with a crowning canopy of roses.

With their tall, slender trunks and ranging in height from three-feet to 60-inches with a full diadem of roses gracing the top, the affect is incomparable.

Horticulturists graft a rose tree using three separate rose plants. The delicate stem is extracted from a single rose plant; the root structure is grafted to the base of the trunk, and the canopy of roses is grafted to the top. Artisans can choose to graft only one color rose, or multiple colors of roses to the stem to match the demands of the venue in which they will be displayed.

Many of these floral artisans have learned to graft a double-decker rose tree, in which a second topper of roses is situated over the first. The result is breathtaking as growers choose to cascade roses, or design other dramatic architectural effect with the blooms. Now imagine a garden filled with these amazing creations, and you will be mentally walking some of the most lavish grounds in the world. This distinctly elegant look is actually hard on to the slender stem.  The stem is therefore staked for stability.

Now, when you combine several of these glorious rose trees in your own garden you will not only be the envy of every neighbor, you will have the satisfaction of coming home to a spectacular living vision every day.  By combining different color roses, or designing a monochromatic effect with all one-color rose trees you can get an elegant look that is truly personal. Like any undertaking worth doing well, setting up your own rose tree garden is as rewarding as it gets.  

Pruning is very important in keeping your rose tree garden magnificent. The pruner can choose the shape and style of the rose tree canopy as they trim.  The floral top gets all the pruning, the stem needs no special care except the support staking that helps it maintain balance. The delicate stem is at risk from natural predators as well as extreme weather. To give yourself a step up on keeping them safe and healthy, plant your rose trees in pots that can be moved around. When the harsh weather hits, you can move them inside, or pack mulch around the stem to protect it from freeze.

Among the most ambitious of all rose-inspired gardening, rose tree gardens have been adding beauty and elegance to public and private gardens, estates, cathedrals, castles,  and the most extravagant social gatherings around the world for centuries.

They may very well be more difficult to create and maintain than other types of rose garden, but nothing else can compare to the beauty of a rose tree garden.

Pat Sheriden is a Rose Gardening enthusiast. For more great information on Rose Tree, Visit Rose Gardening.
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