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Schultz 93183 TakeRoot Plant Rooting Hormone, 2-Ounce

Schultz TakeRoot Rooting Hormone , 2-ounce – 93183

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2 comments to Schultz 93183 TakeRoot Plant Rooting Hormone, 2-Ounce


    Took Root I did a larger propagation experiment last October. That isn’t the best time of year but while pruning my roses I decided to gave it a shot. I set up a “mini greenhouse” with a 30 gal container in my basement. I started with 40 clippings after a bit over 2 months 31 have started to root. Of the other 8, 5 I tossed and the remaining 3 may be rooting slower due to size. I’ve read it takes longer with larger cuttings. Next year i’ll have to keep in mind thinner stems from the tops take root easier. I used more midway pieces and discarded the tips. But overall I’m impressed with the result so far. Despite roses being easiest to propagate i’ve had maybe 10% success rate using the glass of water or honey method. I’ve also never done it on as large a scale. I’ve tried the other methods on 5 or 6 cuttings at a time while pruning mid summer. But, no matter how i look at it my success rate went from less than 10% to about 75% Assuming 5 plants don’t live through the summer i’m still over 60% thats still an impressive increase with my inexperience.

  • kingkp

    best you can get so far i have 100% clone rate with this plant rooting hormone powder base. I would highly recommend you buy this clone agent before any other gel or powder base clone agent. as long as you know what your doing with cloning than you’ll also have 100% rate like me. currently 34/34 successful clones with thick plentiful roots! -420

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