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Rosy Cozy™ Rose Cone

A breakthrough in rose protection! Forget annoying, one-season styrofoam rose cones that suffocate plants or crumble and blow away. Our innovative Rosy Cozy™ is a better way to protect your rose from extreme cold and temperature fluctuations that can damage the tender graft and cause the plant to break dormancy too early. Simply place the wire cage over the pruned-back plant and add insulating material, such as bark mulch, to cover the graft. Slip on the white tarpaulin cover and place bricks in the stirrups to anchor it. You have reliable — and reusable — rose protection! We designed the Rosy Cozy as an effective solution to the problems posed by styrofoam rose cones: The reflective white cover prevents heat build-up, and the mesh top allows heat and moisture to escape, reducing the chance of the plant breaking dormancy too early. (Styrofoam rose cones hold in too much heat and moisture.) Two stirrups at the Rosy Cozy’s base let you anchor it with bricks or rocks, securing it in place. (Styrofoam rose cones blow away in a strong breeze.) The Rosy Cozy’s durable steel frame and heavy-duty vinyl cover will protect rose canes from breaking under heavy snow, and it will last for many years of use. (Styrofoam rose cones are brittle and disintegrate after one season.) Install the Rosy Cozy after the first hard frost.

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