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Rosewater 4 Liquids

Flower Water transmits aromatherapeutic qualities to enhance and revitalize daily life, useful on face, hair or linens.

Product Features

  • 4 Liquids
  • Serving Size:

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3 comments to Rosewater 4 Liquids

  • ee "seagirl"

    Heavenly smell and freshness Very pleasant, natural, subtle, not overwhelming smell!Refreshing when sprayed on face and neck – I use it before other facial products and leaves a great sense of cleanness and softness.Perfect skin toner.It is made from natural rose oil with special property-enhancing water (according to manufacturer).NO artificial smell or ingredients; the container is plastic but does not ruin the product. Spraying mechanism works great.Price per volume (and quality) – this product is probably the best here on Amazon!I have not used it for cooking yet, but is indicated as proper grade for that.If I had to make any recommendations – it would be about the container – the design can be more appealing…Overall – great product, worth the money.

  • cjecho

    Great Toner I wanted to purchase a natural toner for my sensitive-combination skin and I believe this is a great choice. The rosewater has a light floral scent and doesn’t irritate my skin. When used with witch hazel, the rosewater is a great toner that doesn’t dry out my face at all. I highly recommend it.

  • cserhus

    Scent doesn’t last I purchased this product as an alternative to body sprays I was purchasing which have some nasty ingredients. I probably should have ordered the 8 oz bottle with the sprayer because when you try to pour it into your hand it is kind of difficult to then get onto your body. It really is just scented water. It does smell just like fresh roses. However, my problem is that the smell does not last. Seriously, I can smell it for about 10 minutes after I put it on and then it lingers with an extremely faint smell shortly after that. I really like that this product is all natural, I just wish the smell lasted longer. I think now I will just use it as a toner like others have mentioned and see if I like it better for that use.

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