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Roses Reflected in a Sparkling Pool

There are many ways to enjoy your rose garden. One way is while swimming in a cool swimming pool surrounded by fragrant roses on a warm summer day.

Another way is by gazing on the beautiful sight of gorgeous flowering roses bushes and climbers reflected in a sparkling clean pool. Either way the presence of the pool increases enjoyment of the roses. And in arid climates, the pool provides a bit of welcome humidity for the rose plants and flowers.

Of course, pools do require a certain amount of maintenance, and most rose gardeners want to take as little time as possible away from their great love, rose gardening. But there are shortcuts to keeping your pool sparkling and clean.

A net pool cover can be used to keep autumn leaves from falling into the pool and fouling the water. So you do not lose gardening time by having to constantly scoop leaves out of the pool. Yet the cover still leaves the beautiful, sparkling water and reflected roses visible.

For winter, you can use a solid pool cover to keep dirt and debris out of the pool during cold weather, so the pool is clean and ready to go when the weather warms up and the roses start blooming again.

Keeping pools beautiful often requires installing new swimming pool liners, which come in a variety of colors and styles to enhance your pool viewing experience.

What color best shows off the roses in your garden? Turquoise, lapis, sky blue?

You can change the whole look of your pool by adding a new liner. Because after all, the roses are what it’s all about.

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