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Roses Love Garlic: Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flowers

Roses Love Garlic, Companion Planting...

Roses Love Garlic, Companion Planting…

Roses Love Garlic, the best-selling sequel to Carrots Love Tomatoes lists hundreds of herbs and flowers and explains how to combine them with other plants in the garden to maximize the health and yield of vegetables, berry bushes, and fruit and nut trees.

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2 comments to Roses Love Garlic: Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flowers

  • prussianette

    More about “Other Secrets” than “Companion Planting” I was a bit disappointed in this book. There were some references as to what plants complement each other, and what ones are used to repel certain insects, but those references were too few and buried deep within certain textual descriptions of various plants. Many, if not most, plant references did not even have companion planting information. Then there were the chapters referring to cosmetics, fragrances, and skin care that better belonged in a health and beauty aid book. I will be looking for a different book to supply my needs on companion planting–but this time will preview the book at a bookstore or library so I know what I am getting.

  • Julia Phippen

    Companion planting at its finest Roses Love Garlic is a great book for novice and experienced gardeners alike. For the beginning gardener, chapter 19 offers many sample garden plans for both small and large plots. The more experienced gardeners might enjoy chapters 12 and 13 which provide projects involve dried flowers and the use of natural dyes. My personal favorite is chapter 7, “Companion planting with flowers and herbs.” This book is a must own for anyone interested in chemical free gardening.

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