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Rose’s Legacy

Sequel to Ireland Rose… Ireland Rose finds that being a Sea Captain’s wife is a full life, the triumphant returns and the love that engulfs them, the long days he is at sea — how her heart yearns for his company. Letters fly back and forth across the Atlantic from Ireland to Charleston, SC to the ones she left behind. The people that fill her world are the vibrant landscape that makes her life complete. She journals every experience leaving behind the most important gift to those that follow her. Her life’s legacy.

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3 comments to Rose’s Legacy

  • msbookworm

    rose’s story should be made a movie! First let me say, you HAVE to read Ireland Rose first..I was lucky to stumble upon it as a free book on the kindle. I could hardly put it down, when it ended i was so very sad..I was not ready for it to end, so i was SOOO excited to see there was a second book..It was wonderful!! It is well worth the $2.99, heck i would have paid $12.99 after reading the first book.

  • advidreader

    Rose’s Legacy I thouroughly enjoyed the second book of Ireland Rose. The story about her life with her husband her children and all the wonderful things that she did for others was inspirational and very uplifting. This author has a wonderful gift of writing andand I would read her books againThank you

  • Patricia

    The continuation of Rose’s Story A look back at Ireland Rose’s life, the bitter and the sweet. Being the wife of a Sea Captain has it’s challenges. I hope you enjoy learning about her journey into the happily ever after.

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