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Rose’s Garden

In the four months since Conrad Morrisey’s beloved wife, Rose, died, he has let her cherished garden slide into neglect, just as he has stopped caring what he eats or wears. But there, in Rose‘s overgrown and unkempt garden, Conrad receives an unearthly visitor, familiar yet perplexing. What does this mean? What should he do? What would vivacious Rose have done?

She would not have kept it a secret, Conrad decides, so he begins to share his story. And suddenly he finds himself at the center of Rose‘s life in a way he’d never experienced, learning how she touched the lives of people he barely knew. These people, from a silent, damaged young woman to the twittering ladies of Rose‘s drama group, shape his own days as they make unlikely pilgrimages to the garden. Conrad had thought his life was over, but something vital has yet to happen, on the wings of Rose‘s last message of love.

Incandescent, quirky, and poignant, Rose‘s Garden is an unforgettable story of undying love.

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3 comments to Rose’s Garden

  • Liane Gentry Skye,

    Carrie Brown lifts the ordinary into the realm of magic “Rose’s Garden” marks a stunning debut for author Carrie Brown.

  • Laura G. Carter "Castlebreaker"

    Slow pace quite right for thoughtful debut novel At last, I’ve finished all of Carrie Brown’s novels. I started backwards when I had to review “The Hatbox Baby”. Then, I moved backward on my own through “Lamb In Love” and now “Rose’s Garden”.

  • S. Davidson "Shay Davidson"

    Carrie Brown Once in a great while a writer with the talent and eloquence of a Carrie Brown graces us with her work. As a reader, I knew on page one I was in for a special treat. As a writer, I am in awe of the manner in which Brown crafts each phrase, describes each scene, wrenches your heart as you feel the emotions of each character. “Rose’s garden” is the story of a older man struggling to deal with the loss of his life partner. It is the simple, beautiful story of a life-long love–and how one chooses to go on once that love is torn away. Brown deals with a most difficult subject while pulling us into the lives of these two people and the other colorful characters in the small town where they live. If you like novels with contrived plots and hip 90′s slang, “Rose’s Garden” isn’t for you. If, however, you long for novels written with love and care, crafted to make you think and feel, then give Carrie Brown a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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