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Roses for Dummies

Roses for Dummies books

Roses for Dummies

American Beauty,” “Dublin Bay,” “Rocketeer,” “Betty Boop,” “High Noon,” “Pearly Gates”…with a distinctive name for each of hundreds of varieties, the array of roses that could adorn your garden is both dazzling and daunting. So which ones survive hardily on their own for weeks on end, and which ones wither and die without constant attention? How do you tell a climber from a shrub, and how does each thrive? And don’t even start with pruning!

Despite all the (ahem) thorny particulars, gardeners still love to grow these beautiful flowers that would by any other name still smell as sweet. Roses for Dummies does away with the myth that roses have to be high maintenance, instead showing how to choose a type that will blossom in your care. Inside, rosarians of all levels will find useful information on:

Roses for Dummies contains everything you need to know to get started, or, if you’re more advanced, refine your knowledge of roses. Now in a new Second Edition with more than 100 new varieties described, as well as new information on insect and disease control, this helpful guide also covers:

Whether looking for nothing more than a sweet-smelling decoration to brighten your doorstep, or looking to enter a major rose competition, discoveries about this much-loved flower await you. Full of pointers, resources, pitfalls, vocabulary, and an eye-popping full color insert, this book will help you grow the roses of your dreams.Is there any flower more sensuous and romantic than the rose?

Roses aren’t just fragrant and beautiful; they’re also easy to grow and come in hundreds of varieties and colors. Roses for Dummies covers the various types of roseshybrid teas, grandifloras, floribundas, miniatures, climbers, shrub roses, and antique roses–helping would-be rose gardeners select the best variety for their conditions and pocketbooks.

Planting, watering, mulching, and pruning are covered in enough detail to suit any arboretum and, speaking of arboretums, the book‘s appendix gives the locations of the best public rose gardens in the U.S. Roses for Dummies is a friendly guide to what may become a blooming passion.

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2 comments to Roses for Dummies

  • A. Richards "infoseaker"

    This book’s definitely a keeper for rose growers I have almost 40 rose books in my collection and I’ve read them all cover to cover, some many times. I didn’t expect what I got from this book – new information that that wasn’t included in weighty books for serious rose growers. This book demystifies the culture of roses, gives good advice in an easily read style. Its a great read and a painless way to learn enough to go right into rose growing – whether its just a couple of roses or major rose beds!

  • Anonymous

    Great. Clear, informative and useful. Obviously written by an expert, this book lets you zero in on exactly the information you want, or read page-by-page for a constantly interesting flow of information. A great section of tables help you narrow down your selection to fit your region and and amount of effort you feel like putting in. Makes you feel that you, too, can grow your own beautiful rose bushes!

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