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Roses A – Z (A to Z Nature Photo Books)

A set of books that identify full color images of roses. Due to the size of the completed books, we have broken Roses A to Z into two books, varieties that start with A through L and M through Z.

All identifications were made from tags attached to or near the rose bushes as they were photographed. Any bush without a tag is not included in this book.

We hope you enjoy this Coffee Table book that fits on your Kindle and brings a breath of Spring into your day.

Best viewed on Kindle color apps, or Kindle Fire, but still looks good in Black and White.

Roses in this volume are:
Abraham Darby Shrub Rose
Agnes Rose
Alba Rose
Altaica Rose
Altissima Climbing Rose
Barn Dance Rose
Berries and Cream Rose
Betty Boop Rose
Carding Mill Shrub Rose
Center Gold Roses
Charles de Mills Rose
Cinderella Roses
De Meaux Rose
Dr Eckener Rose
Emily Shrub Rose
Fimbriata Rose
Folksinger Rose
Frau Karl Druschki
Geoff Hamilton Shrub Rose
Goldenwings Shrub Rose
Harlekin Climbing Rose
Harlow Carr Shrub Rose
Harrison’s Yellow Rose
Home Run Shrub Rose
Hurdy Gurdy Rose
Iceburg Floribunda Rose
Iceland Queen Rose
John Davis Rose
Kazanlik Rose
Lavender Dream Rose

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3 comments to Roses A – Z (A to Z Nature Photo Books)

  • Anonymous

    Very informative, love the realism photos, all the flowers were beautiful & I learned something, a particular flower I’ve seen is a rose!!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous rose pictures and the haunting beauty you’d expect from, well, from roses. Gardeners will enjoy the naming of the blooms but for me it’s just the colors and shapes that attract me. This will make a gorgeous coffee table book. A little slow to read in the cloud, but that’s probably just my computer. I left it in the background, came back to each turned page, and enjoyed the images–a warming delight with coffee on a cold morning.

  • Anonymous

    What a lovely book. Sometimes in a busy hectic world I just want to relax my mind and take in the beauty of creation. I have several of this author’s books and they are restful, and informative. Also like the poetry.

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