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Rosehips Whole Organic – 1 lb,(Frontier)

Botanical Name: Rosa canina L.Directions: To use as a tea, pour 1 cup boiling water over 1 tsp. of herb, cover and steep 3-5 minutes.Quality Notes: Rosehips color and flavor vary with harvest time. If harvested a little early, the color is bright red, with a tart flavor (alot of yellow color denotes a premature harvest and inferior quality). If harvested later, the hips are dark red to red-black and have a sweeter, jam like flavor. Origin: ChileOrganic: QAI Certified OrganicKosher: KSA CertifiedSupplement FactsServing Size 1 tspServings About 268 Amount per% Daily ServingValueSodium 75mg3%Total Carbohydrate 1g<1%* Dietary Fiber <1g3%*Vitamin C 10mg17%Organic Rosehips, whole 2.1g*** Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. ** Daily Value not established.Common Name: RosehipsPlant Part: FruitBar Code: 0-89836-02556-2

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1 comment to Rosehips Whole Organic – 1 lb,(Frontier)

  • Anonymous

    These were purchased for my two male chins, Tupelo and Houdini and they absolutely love them! If you are familiar with chins, you know that one has to be very careful about what kind of treats they get as their digestive system is delicate. Rosehips are a good choice because they are very low in sugar and they have vitamin C. I haven’t used them at all for myself, but I must admit that they have a rather pleasing aroma when you open the bag!

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