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Rosebud (1975) ( Rose bud ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Australia ]

Australia released, PAL/Region 0 DVD: it WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. You need multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player to view it in USA/Canada: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), WIDESCREEN (2.35:1), SPECIAL FEATURES: Interactive Menu, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: Based on a novel by Joan Hemingway and Paul Bonnecarrere, Rosebud opens with five young women vacationing aboard a luxurious yacht called the Rosebud. All five of the women are the daughters of wealthy and powerful men; one of them is the daughter of an influential American senator. Their vacation is shortlived, however, as the Rosebud has been targeted by a group of Middle Eastern terrorists who kidnap the girls and hold them as hostages until their demands are met. Quickly alerted to the situation is reporter Larry Martin (Peter O’Toole), who it turns out is really an agent for the CIA. Martin enlists the aid of agents from Israel and West Germany, as well as a strange Islamic Englishman who, as he is working to destroy Israel, would seem to be on the side of the terrorists. Martin has his work cut out for him, as he must rescue the hostages quickly and with no injury coming to any of them. …Rosebud (1975) ( Rose bud )

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3 comments to Rosebud (1975) ( Rose bud ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Australia ]

  • Anonymous

    An underrated, highly atmospheric Preminger thriller. Preminger, who is my favorite American director, was not spared the brunt of bad reviews and publicity towards the end of his career. At times, the critics were quite savage in their analysis of his latter films. In my opinion, this was a time where he shined the most, and was in top form. He tackled new ground and continued to break taboo without audiences knowing. From TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME JUNIE MOON to SUCH GOOD FRIENDS to ROSEBUD and finally to THE HUMAN FACTOR, this was another renaissance for Preminger. Agreed, ROSEBUD was not a masterpiece. Elements such as Cliff Gorman’s atrocious acting, loose ends and implausibility hold it back from reaching its ultimate goal, but it was not the turkey that Leonard Maltin (et al.) made it out to be. On the contrary, it is a highly atmospheric thriller, at select times noble of the work of Antonioni, that really hits home on a topic which still plagues the world. Preminger, who was always willing to take his horizons to new oceans, tackles the subject of terrorism. With technical charisma and an expert’s eye, he presents the film like a master, even if it is by no means his best work.

  • Anonymous

    A Customer “Rosebud” is one of the most ironic movies ever made. Theodore Gershuny chronicled this movie’s troubled production in Robert Mitchum bowed out due to conflicts with Otto Preminger. Preminger’s love child with Gypsy Rose Lee (), Erik, wrote the screenplay. Surprisingly, Peter O’Toole stars as an Englishman named Lawrence, who’s in the Middle East. Somehow, he managed to turn in a performance despite being short a kidney, a lung, and two pints of blood.The plot is prophetic on the subject of international terrorism- Edward Sloat (Richard Attenborough, who insisted on making his capture scene a funny) commands from his cave. The Palestinian conflict is important. Unfortunately, this otherwise serious subject ends up becoming an unintentional hoot, sorta like Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” tackling the serious issues of cancer, suicide, and infidelity. However, “Rosebud” is a So Bad It’s Great Classic on par with “The Room.” It’s got a cheesy synthesizer soundtrack that intrudes at various inappropriate points.Here’s the story- a bunch of are held hostage on a yacht called the Rosebud. There’s Lalla Ward (future wife of Richard Dawkins, ), Isabelle Huppert (who would also star in the disastrous ), and Kim Cattrall () In the meantime, Newsweek writer/secret agent Lawrence Martin (O’Toole) gets called in. It’s intriguing to see him as a James Bond with snarky bon mots. And sideburns. He doesn’t just order a ham sandwich. He orders a HAM sandwich. There are hilarious scenes where he charms middle-aged ladies and a butch German woman. One of the more ironic scenes is when he smokes languidly&handsomely as the captors’ broadcast brings up Aqaba (a major success for the other English Lawrence) and King Hussein (thanks to him, that epic was filmed in Jordan- ) Lawrence’s scene with Sloat is reminiscent of the other Lawrence’s talk in the tent with Prince Feisal (Alec Guinness) Attenborough’s character, an Englishman gone Arab, is Lawrence-like. And it helps to have O’Toole himself to make it all ironic, don’t ya think? A little too ironic.In a funny&frustrating scene, Huppert attempts to seduce O’Toole. She’s too laissez-faire, has too much ennui…. sensing her lack of confidence, O’Toole tells her to go to sleep. She totally blows an opportunity for corned beefcake. How do you save the lives of girls whose lives are in immediate danger? You leisurely make a sprinkler system&have a picnic. O’Toole goes around in a ridiculous purple velvet leisure suit. WW007D? The fight scenes in “Rosebud” are laughable (as is most of the dialogue) When Sloat&his minions are in prayer, the Israel Defense Forces are able to capture Sloat without a fight. No wonder Attenborough () plays it for the laughs.”Rosebud” is loopy, laughable, and in its own quirky way, lovable.

  • Anonymous

    The book and the movie are almost 30 years old and nothing has really changed. Would be great to bring this movie back to life and on DVD and let the future viewers give their opinion. Good reason for a dialogue.

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