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Rose smell Rosary Petal Red Rare Carved Beads & Silver Plated cross (Holy Land)

Borther Joachim was content with his job and at peace. In the fields where he tended his sheep he could feel God’s spirit. It was whispered all over the country that the Holy Mother was watching the flock while Brother Joachim prayed, as he had never lost one sheep.

Brother Joachim ws devoted to the Holy Mother and there was nothing in the world that could prevent him from saying his prayers with his rosary. One day he forgot his rosary at the monastery, how could he say his favorite prayers now? Although not a learned or educated man, he had a brilliant idea. With green leaves, stones, and small pieces of wood, he created his own rosary. Aft. er he finished his prayers, he hung up the rosary on an olive tree branch. The next day when he returned to the spot, the rosary that he made was gone and in its place was a garland of white roses in groups of ten separated by red roses. The smell of roses spread throughout the hills.

The word of this miracle spread and others wanted the gift of a rosary made from roses. Thus the rosary beads were made from rose petals.

Product Features

  • Silver Plated Devout Cross Petal Red Rare Carved Beads Chain Cross Rosarie blessed in annunciation church of nazareth!!
  • Size: the length of chain 34cm(totally 38cm),the cross is 4cm
  • Most Beautiful & unique items not found in stores, Most of The items Made in Jerusalem and Nazareth (the HOLY LAND) Offering you High Quality Items.

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