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Rose Gardens and Spring Cleaning

Rose gardeners in many areas worry about mold and mildew on roses. It may not be the same exact thing as the mold and mildew inside the house, but it causes similar problems, including ill-health and even death for roses, just as mold indoors, especially in air conditioning and heating ductwork, can cause ill health in people.

Gardeners use a variety of remedies for rose mildew, including fungicide sprays, powders, and well-drained, raised beds. But what can you do indoors to keep mold, fungus, dust, pollen and other allergens from making your family sick? Keep the house clean, of course, and once a year, clean your air conditioning and heating ducts.

Dirty air ducts may collect black gunk around the outside of the air vents, or they may not show visible signs of the dirt inside. Either way, though, that dirty, allergenic stuff is being blown out from the ducts onto you, your family, your furniture, even your bed. So you really should get the air ducts professionally cleaned regularly to protect your family’s health—and your home furnishings. It will make it easier to keep your house clean, too.

Cleaning air conditioning and heating ducts is not easy to do. That is why most people neglect doing it. Cleaning air ducts is best left to professionals who have the right equipment to do it right.

In Central Texas, for example, if you need air duct cleaning round rock texas, you can call the Steam Team. They will take care of the whole thing for a reasonable price, and you can get back to rose gardening.

By the way, here is a tip for keeping deer from eating your roses: hang a bar of Irish Spring, Lifebuoy, or other strongly scented deodorant soap on each rosebush. The deer do not like the smell of the soap (perhaps associating it with humans), and they tend to leave those bushes alone.

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