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Rose Essential Oil (Bulgarian) – 100% Pure Essential Oil – 5ml

Rose oil is said to heal the connection between mind, body and spirit so that one may experience more love, purity, and well being through the particulars of their life.

Product Features

  • Cool Steam Distilled from Bulgarian Rose (Rosa Damascena) Petals
  • Reiki Charged with the intent to open the Heart Chakra for the experience of loving and being loved
  • 5ml in amber colored European dropper bottle
  • Origin: Bulgaria
  • Chakras Affected: 2nd – Sacral – Creativity; 3rd – Solar Plexus – Adaptibility; 4th – HeartLove; 7th – Crown – Wisdom
  • Etheric Colors: Blue, Green, Gold, Pink, Silver
  • Emotional Indications: Trust, Initiative, Renewal, Sensuality, Feminine Energy, Inner Truth
  • Physical Indications: Night Magic, Discover Romance, Gain Commitment, Fertility, Liveliness

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2 comments to Rose Essential Oil (Bulgarian) – 100% Pure Essential Oil – 5ml

  • midnightrail

    Exactly what I’m looking for This really smells divine. I always use a few drops of it in the bath and it’s heavenly. The rose smell also smells like real roses instead of the fake powdery kinds, which is what I’m looking for so yupp, all in all, I’m happy with it.

  • G. Akkinepalli

    Amazing fragrance This product, although very pricey for it’s size, has amazing fragrance. My daughter and wife love it. I mix a drop of this with other butters I make at home. When applied to skin before going to bed, it definitely has a great effect on the senses.

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