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Right Rose, Right Place: 3509 Perfect Choices for Beds, Borders, Hedges, and Screens, Containers, Fences, Trellises, and More

Many people think roses are difficult to grow. Peter Schneider puts that fear to rest by showing you that when it comes to roses, it’s all about location, location, location. The right rose will thrive when planted in the perfect spot. Right Rose, Right Place is an inspiring yet practical book that encourages both new and experienced gardeners to make the most of roses in hedges and privacy screens, on trellises, in flower beds, as container plants, and in many more ordinary yard settings. Gardeners in colder climates will find ample information on hardy shrub and heritage roses, the backbone plants of the author’s own garden in Ohio, where he grows 1,200 different roses. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions and more than 400 beautiful full-color photographs make Right Rose, Right Place a joy to read and implement.

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3 comments to Right Rose, Right Place: 3509 Perfect Choices for Beds, Borders, Hedges, and Screens, Containers, Fences, Trellises, and More

  • Beth Cody "classical libertarian book addict"

    Great reference for northern/midwestern rose growers As a midwestern dweller interested in growing roses, I can say that many rose books assume that most growers live on the West coast, in the South, or even in England, so much of the advice is not applicable to those of us living in the colder and more negligible “flyover” states.But Peter Schneider gardens and grows over 1200 roses in Ohio (Zone 5). Just about every rose he recommends in this book is hardy in his growing zone, and many to colder ones yet. He very helpfully indicates just how tall the roses actually get in his zone — so the climber rose, Zephirine Drouhin, for example, which is usually listed as reaching 10 ft in height, only gets to be a 4-ft bush in his garden because it is only marginally hardy. And he also tells us how well each variety repeats bloom for him. This is very useful information for those planning gardens.Much of the book reads like a series of informal chats with an experienced rose grower who shares all kinds of useful, “insider” tips, information and amusing stories with us. Lucky us!There are many beautiful photographs of the roses, although not every variety is pictured, which would have been helpful to those of us who are not already familiar with hundreds of varieties. But his advice concerning rose care is some of the most helpful I have read to date, particularly concerning mulching, winter care and pests/diseases.Altogether a very useful book for rose growers, and particularly recommended for northern and midwestern would-be rosarians.

  • Midwest Book Review

    Packed with photos and practical advice RIGHT ROSE RIGHT PLACE: 359 PERFECT CHOICES comes from a rose expert who understands what roses like and do not like and what makes them successful. From roses that thrive in specific regional conditions to how best to adapt garden designs to suit them, RIGHT ROSE RIGHT PLACE is packed with photos and practical advice that takes the guesswork out of selecting the right variety.

  • Christine Moore "LavenderLovingLady"

    Written by an experienced rosarian Several years ago I had the pleasure of visiting the author’s garden, although I do not know him personally. In this book, he candidly talks about his experiences with roses he grows. The photographs are excellent, showing the true color and type of the roses. It is very easy to read as he writes as though he is talking to you. He gives good rose care techniques. Other members of the rose society I belong to have enjoyed the book, so it appeals to all levels of rose gardeners.

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