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REN REN Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Body Oil

Restore the healthy vitality and glow to your skin with REN Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Body Oil. Gentle natural ingredients are combined to provide the best and most luxurious skin care for softening and smoothing your skin….

Product Features

  • Ultra nourishing body oil formulated to restore glow, softness, elasticity and comfort to the skin
  • Combines Rose Otto Oil with a synergistic bio active complex of ceramides, phospholipids and Omega 6 & 7 essential fatty acids
  • Oils from Jojoba, Argan, Macadamia, Rice Germ and Cranberry Seed further nourish and protect the skin

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1 comment to REN REN Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Body Oil

  • Anonymous

    I have used both the body wash and the body oil. The body wash had a much more pleasing rose scent to me than the body oil, which was a little more spicey, for lack of a better description. It did mellow with time to be more rose-scented, but still not as excellent in scent as the body wash.

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