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Ratchet Pruning Shears – 50% OFF Promotional SALE – Garden Hand Tool Cutters + Retractable Blade Sharpener / Lightweight Rugged Aluminum Body / Non Slip Soft Jacket / High Carbon Steel Blade Clippers (Scissors, Secateurs) – Best for Plants, Bushes, Roses, Hedge, Grass, Tree Trimmer – by Survival Gorilla (SG-PRN-1001)

The Survival Gorilla ratchet anvil garden shears makes work in the garden a snap. These pruners provide mechanical advantage through the ratchet mechanism, making the cutting motion very easy. The accompanying Survival Gorilla blade sharpening tool will keep your pruning shears sharp for a long time. Here is what some customers are saying about the Survival Gorilla pruning shears: *** ” I tested them against my Friskars shears and they went through a stick that the Friskars could not. These come with a sharpener that quickly sharpens the blade in just a few minutes. The other shears I see on Amazon don’t come with a sharpener and I feel that you really do need one since these are made to cut through the toughest of plants.” *** “The sharpener is pen type with a pocket hanger. You just turn the knob to loosen it so you can pull out the sharpener from inside the protective casing. Sharpener works great. In fact you can also use it with other tools like kitchen knives and scissors.” Survival Gorilla stands behind these pruners and backs them with a 60 day no fuss customer satisfaction or full return guarantee.

Product Features

  • *** GET PRUNERS THAT WILL LAST ***: (Please Note – Handle rubber grip SHAPE and pruner Locking Mechanism design may vary slightly from picture). Survival Gorilla Pruning Shears are built of sturdy materials and should last you for many years. The shears are built of solid High Carbon Steel blades and the body is made of lightweight Rugged Aluminum. It is designed to be both durable and light in your hands.
  • *** BONUS SHARPENER HELPS KEEP YOUR PRUNERS SHARP ***: The pruning shears come with a retractable blade sharpening tool. Keep your pruner blades, kitchen knives, pocket knives, fishing hooks, and other tools razor sharp. Our customers have mentioned that this sharpening tool has added lots of value and can be used to sharpen multiple items.
  • *** SPECIAL DESIGN MAKES CUTTING FORCE ABOUT 3 TIMES EASIER ***: Do you have weakened or arthritic hands? Would you like a set of pruning shears that actually help you to cut through those thick tough tree branches or slice through those rose branches, hedges, hydrangea, or other flower plants? Well then this might be the best thing for you. The mechanical advantage of the ratcheting mechanism makes cutting branches and shrubs as easy as slicing through butter.
  • *** WORKS WELL FOR GARDENERS OF ALL TYPES ***: Works great for regular home gardeners, professional landscapers, hydroponics enthusiasts, and all horticulturalists in general.
  • *** LOOP HANDLES GIVE YOU BETTER CONTROL ***: The loop handle provides extra grip and ease of handling. This design makes it hard to drop you pruners. The pruner cuts small branches and twigs like a snap. Just open the handles to full extension for cutting branches up to 1.0 inches in diameter. Apply a few easy pumps on the handle and watch the ratcheting mechanism take over to help you slice right through the branch.

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