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Rambling Rose

Roselyn O’Neill’s mother may have ensured her daughter’s childhood was a colorful adventure, but after years of one-horse towns and embarrassing scrapes, Roselyn is ready for a quiet life. Settling down will have to wait, however, because her mother’s in trouble again, and to get her out it, Roselyn must retrieve a stolen pouch of jewels. It seems a simple task until Roselyn meets former Texas Ranger Madsen Bold.

Madsen is a man of his word, and a man of the law. He doesn’t take kindly to swindlers or cheats–even when they’re disguised in as tempting a package as Roselyn. He’s promised a friend to find the missing diamonds, but getting Roselyn off the scent is no easy task. Soon Madsen finds himself saddled with the unlikeliest partner he could have imagined. Trouble is, every minute spent with her makes him ache for more

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