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Rains Rainbow Rose Seeds Bush Flower Seeds – Treasuresbylee Exclusive

This pack comes with 10 seeds harvested this fall. Instructions included.
Please note: We are getting several complaints from buyers who bought this same item from sellers OVERSEAS. A.e: China, Hong Kong etc. Their products are not the same as ours from the US. We grow our roses & harvest the seeds every fall. Our listings come with fresh yearly harvested seeds that can store for you for up to 2 years. We are being told the quality from the other overseas sellers are dead seeds or “radishes”.

So as a note to all buyers of these products, I advise you buy this item from only US sellers.
Treasuresbylee (ourselves), or our 2 retailers Rngardens, & Qualityseeds4less. We only wholesale our seeds to the above sellers.

If you would like to gaurantee a fresh, true to seed product I suggest buying from them or ourselves.

Product Features

  • 10 Freshly Harvested Seeds – Contains Instructions on seed starting
  • If you buy this product BEWARE: Fragulant sellers from China, Hong Kong & other over seas countries
  • We grow our products ourselves. The only TRUE sellers of this product are: Treasuresbylee (manufactuer), Qualityseeds4less (retailer) & Rngardens (retailer)
  • All other sellers of this product will probably send you untrue seeds. Just a note of caution.
  • Rose seeds are stratisfied. However, start indoors in peat pots. Great for gardens, borders, cut flowers. Many more rose seeds to choose from on our amazon, come take a look!

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