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Pruning Shrub Roses and the Glory of Mottisfont (DVD)

DVD-R format.
If you’ve ever wanted to grow the great shrub roses but wondered how to keep them under control then this 2 hour dvd is just for you. Over his 30 year tenure at Mottisfont Abbey David Stone has discovered the best way to prune shrub roses without losing the massive flowering that makes them so beautiful. Mottisfort Abbey is home to the rose collection of the late Graham Stuart Thomas one the most renowned rosarians of the last century. Personally hired by Mr. Thomas Davis also cares for the entire property including the walled garden containing the most famous English Style Rose Garden in the world. David will personally take you on a guided tour of Mottisfoont with close to 100 color photographs of the grounds and the rose garden with all the roses and perennials in full splendor. He shares his ideas on roses and companion planting as well as pruning. David then takes you into the fields of Ashdown Roses and prunes several roses, explaining each step of his technique and philosophy.

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