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PROFESSIONAL PRUNING SHEARS – Heavy Duty Hand Pruners For Serious Gardening – Versatile, Razor Sharp Garden Clippers, Tree Trimmers, Secateurs and Steel Bypass Pruner with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! …


The Secret To Better Yards – Perfect Pruning – Here’s The Easy Way!

You get it. Pruning is make or break for your yard – the difference between WOW and oh well… Gardeners know this – they know NEED reliable pruners. Our pruning shears are designed to do just that – precise, smooth cuts every time – season after season. Why? Because garden shears, like your garden love, should be long enjoyed.

Easy, Efficient Garden Shears – A Beautiful Garden Without All the Work

Make pruning easy and efficient while strengthening your trees, saplings and shrubs. Proven bypass pruner design cleanly slices through small to medium size branches and bushes(easily up to ⅓” dia.) for fewer plant accidents and prettier landscapes.

Why Planted Perfect?

-100% dedication to customer satisfaction – love these cutters or your money back
- Sturdy, long lasting design – easy clean rust resistant garden clippers forged of high carbon steel for better pruning
- Comfortably designed, easy grip handles for homeowners big and small
- Amazing customer service – gardeners for life, customers for life

BONUS! Free For a Limited Time – ORDER NOW and get our entire 7 EBOOK BUNDLE: How to Prune Perfect Gardens and Starting a Veggie Garden – 84 pages to inevitable yard envy and your own veggies FREE!

Backed By Planted Perfect Lifetime Guarantee
Flowers die, bushes fade but the Planted Perfect hand pruner is built for the lifelong gardener. We stand 100% behind the quality and craftsmanship of our pruning tools. If you are not thrilled with your experience, please let us know, we will refund you no questions asked.

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Product Features

  • SHARP, SMOOTH CUTS EVERY TIME – Or, as Joel Moore says ” this pair of pruning shears is the best I’ve ever used. I usually have to buy a new pair every month or so because they dull so easily, but the Planted Perfect shears are almost as sharp as the day I purchased them.” Now your bypass pruners easily slice through tree branches, bushes, roots and vines up to ⅓”. NO MORE difficult cuts, deadheads or unfortunate do-overs that leave flowers and hedges hurting.
  • ✓ COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Soft, grippy pruning shears perfect for YOUR hands, large or small, and engineered for all day cutting without arthritis aches – no calluses or blisters, just beautiful black garden shears that get the job done!
  • ✓ DURABLE, LONG LASTING CONSTRUCTION – Feel the forged, high carbon steel difference of garden pruners upgraded with a custom, high strength screw system prevent loose, imprecise cuts – a reliable tree trimmer for years to come – YOU PLANT A HOME GARDEN FOR A BETTER TOMORROW AND A BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD, YOUR GARDENING TOOLS SHOULD SEE THE SEASONS CHANGE!
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND SHARPEN – Simple, dependable tree pruners with minimal moving parts means easy, low maintenance and cleaning – making pruning and yard work easy! PLUS a built-in sap groove keeps tree trimmers sticky-free – no more evergreen eww or syrupy stickiness.
  • QUALITY MADE HAND LOPPERS WITH A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEELOVE them or your money back, no questions asked, just a prompt, courteous refund! We’re a company by and for avid gardeners and we’re here 7 days a week to deliver you UNSURPASSED SERVICE, answer any pruning, trimming or planting questions and ultimately help you get your garden hands dirty doing what you love! PLUS SEE OUR PROMOS BELOW FOR MORE GREAT GARDEN DISCOUNTS! ORDER TODAY.

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