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Planting Roses – The Essentials

There are three essential requirements to consider before planting your rose bushes. Sun exposure, soil quality and planting space are the requirements in a planting location. By following these guidelines, you ensure an optimal growth for your roses.

Planting roses can be best done between early spring and fall. This time of the year gives plenty of time to grow roots and establish the root system before winter comes. Roses purchased as bare-root should be planted in dormant condition, but for the container-grown roses, they can be planted throughout their growing season.

However, before you go ahead and dig a hole, it is essential that you have thoroughly pick the area to setup your rose garden. The utmost thing to keep in mind in choosing the site is if the area receives at least six hours of sunlight per day. Roses grow best in full sunlight and a minimum of six hours exposure per day. A location which receives morning sun is preferred because it helps dry the plant leaves quickly and reduces the risk of diseases compared to a location that only receives afternoon sun.

Next, you have to check the soil quality. Roses can able to tolerate and still grow well in different soil types. But they are best grown in fertile soil with a high organic matter. If the soil quality in the planting site is heavy clay or sandy soil with low fertility, you can introduce composted animal manure, leaf compost or peat moss to improve soil quality.

And finally, ensure that the planting site can accommodate the growing size of your roses, especially for climbing roses which are large vigorous growers. Do not crowd your roses; allow enough space in between for air to circulate and movement. Additionally, do not plant them near large trees or plants that will compete for water and nutrients in the soil. However, roses of some variety accepts company of other roses or non-invasive plants.

You can start planting your roses, once you have selected the right planting location. Dig a hole wide and deep enough to fit and set the root system comfortably in the hole. For bare-root roses, form a small mound of soil in the center of the planting hole and sit the rose on top. Spread the roots down the sides and start filling the hole with soil until halfway. Before totally covering the rose plant and adding the top layer of soil, water the roses and let it drain.

After you have planted your roses, it is important not to forget watering your roses. They should not dry out during the establishment period. Do not apply fertilizers yet until the plant has fully established itself.

Rose gardening may require a lot of effort, as many think, but rose bushes last for a long time and are easy to establish if you follow these simple steps and guidelines of rose planting.

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