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Organics Rx Flowerpower All Purpose Plant Food, 15-Ounce

Organics rx has designed a safe, organic and easy to use dry plant nutrition for all your growing needs. stimulates new growth, increases vegetable, tomato and flower yields and reduces plant stress caused by severe environmental conditions such as heat, frost and drought. helps rebuild overworked dead soil and allows beneficial microbes to live and thrive.

Product Features

  • Here is a simple one step solution that keeps plants green and healthy
  • Indoor plant food stimulates new growth year round and strengthens resistance to disease and pests with no harmful chemicals
  • Feed everything green and growing indoors with no strong odor. Contains no synthetic chemicals, animal product or pathogen

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1 comment to Organics Rx Flowerpower All Purpose Plant Food, 15-Ounce

  • NaturalHorseman

    Gardner introduced us to it Her use ofthe product has taken the whole flower garden to the next level. Haven’t used it on my veggies so no comment on that.

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